Maryland's Top Horse TRAINING Facility

At Bascule Farm, we are very discerning about your horse’s care. Our managers are available by phone and/or text during normal business hours and live on site. We know constant communication is key to a healthy horse and happy owner. We have solid relationships with top veterinarians, farriers, dentists, and alternative therapists in the area and will happily schedule all of your appointments for you. 

Check out some of our other great features, available to all clients at Bascule:

For your horse

12x12 Rubber Matted Stalls, Indoor Heated Washroom, Outdoor Washrack, Board-fenced paddocks with Automatic Waterers, Raised Hay Feeders, fences topped with Hot Wire, and Grass Fields

For you

Walk-in, fully-customizable tack closets in the main barns, heated bathrooms with showers, heated office, lounge, and conference area, hard surface parking for cars and trailers, WI-FI hotspot.

Custom Feed Program

We feed Purina Feeds selected for each horse based on their activity-level, age, and temperament. We are happy to feed owner-provided supplements. Our hay is carefully sourced from experienced hay producers.

Veterinary & Farrier Care

This is a team environment with trainers, veterinarians, horse care experts, and farriers working in partnership with you and your horse. We believe this is the best way to keep your horse sound and in the best condition.

Options for every budget

It is our philosophy that every horse needs a consistent program of training, lessons or a combination of both to maintain health, rider safety and progress. Each one of our boarding packages includes $220 credit towards weekly lessons or training rides with our world-class trainers.  We only accept horses for boarding who are in a customized program. 

Training program with Gender-based
Field Turnout


Per month

Training program with Semi-Private


Per month

Training program with Private Turnout *


Per month

Training program with Field Board*


Per month

Frequently asked questions

Horses are turned out at 5 pm in summer and come in at 7 am.  During the winter, they go out after breakfast around 7am and come in around 4:30pm.  There is a short period in spring and fall when horses are out 24/7 and come in for meals.  Swing season is above 55 to below 80 degrees.  We believe horses do best with regular turnout.

The best way to schedule lessons is to use our online scheduling program.  If you need a login/password contact your trainer directly.  He/She can set you up with one.  Training rides are best scheduled with your trainer.

We feed mostly Purina brand feeds, and coordinate all dietary needs with a PHD level nutritionist.  All supplements must be pre-packaged, and the SmartPak system seems to be the most economical.  Our hay is sourced in Pennslyvania.  It comes from the same farmers each year that know how to grow fabulous horse hay.  We have it tested regularly, to ensure all aspects of your horses diet is taken into consideration.

We do not just board horses.  Every horse kept at Bascule must be in a training program, or at least a weekly regular lesson program. 

Trailer parking is available.  There is no charge. 

For liability reasons, we do not allow outside trainers. We believe we have some of the best training and instructors in the area, and are confident you will find someone (or several someones) you love working with! 

What our CLIENTS say

Bascule is a fantastic boarding facility! Absolutely love everyone there from the owners, to the staff, to the trainers, to the other boarders and riders. The barn management is extremely helpful, especially when your horse decides he wants to see the vet. They are very responsive and knowledgeable. The trainers there are second to none. Every lesson is positive and provides constructive feedback. I always leave with homework and feel excited to practice on my own whatever we worked on in my lessons. This is by far one of the best farms I have ever boarded at. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a safe, fun, relaxed, and knowledgeable barn to ride at.
- Emily A.
I have had horses at Bascule for 13 years. My two daughters and I first went to Bascule with an old off-the-track-Thoroughbred. After a few months, we knew we needed to retire her and Julie helped us find a great place to do that. Then, Julie helped us find two new, great horses, who I still own. I think Julie loves match-making a person and the right horse! My daughters stopped riding when they were is high school and college. I kept their horse because he was such a good horse and he has taught me so much. All of the trainers are great and very patient with me (being an old lady) and my riding has improved so much. The barn staff take great care of my horses like my horses are their horses. I highly recommend Bascule Farm to learn to ride or board your horse!
- Lisa V
Bascule is the place to go if you're looking for high quality care with friendly and helpful staff. Bascule runs a very professional operation. The trainers are experienced and committed to helping you achieve your goals, however ambitious (or not) those goals might be. I do not currently own a trailer, so one of my favorite things is how active the show/schooling/outing schedule is at Bascule. I have been taking lessons at Bascule for the past 4 years and am now happily boarding my first horse there.
- Katherine W.
We've had my daughter's horse at Bascule for 2 years and here is what we love about it: 1) Our horse is happy. He never fit in at our last barn but was happy and comfortable from the moment he set foot at Bascule. We also love knowing the barn staff takes such good care of him. They have come through for us many times. 2) My daughter has plenty of opportunity to train and compete. There is always someone to take her to an event or out schooling. They even do a February trip to Aiken, SC to give them an opportunity to keep up their competition skills during the winter months. 3) Relaxed but professional atmosphere. I've been at barns where you were constantly being told not to do something, and others where there was no one to help -- Bascule is right in the middle where there is always someone to help if you need it but no one is looking over your shoulder or second-guessing you.
- Velvet B.