Who We Are

One of the things we hear often about the staff at Bascule is how helpful we are.  We believe that your training is far more important than our egos…so you get the trainer that fits you and your horse best.  We all support each other, and what’s best for you, the client, is our goal.  This makes training at Bascule a very positive experience…making everyone’s life richer.  Come see for yourself!

Barn Managers & Staff

Morgan Blythe – Horse Manager

Morgan is our anchor in the main barns, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.  As Horse Manager, she makes sure all of the many little details are covered.  She has implemented our new digital health care record keeping system which is streamlining the whole process.  All the information on each horse is at her fingertips.  This is helping all the owners, vets, chiropractors, body workers and trainers stay on top of each horses needs.    We are blessed to have her energy, love of the horses, communication skills, and friendly, helpful personality in the barns.  All boarders always have direct access to her on the manager phone.


Bob Flanders – Facilities Manager

Bob has been on our staff for many years.  He lives on the farm and is the go to person on all things repairs related, handles all the hay and feed deliveries, and will capably pinch hit on a vet appointment when needed!   He and his wife Natalie live on the farm.





Training Staff

Carlie Serif- Full Time Dressage Instructor/Trainer

Carlie joined us in 2015 and has a very strong classical background which fits in well with our mission.  She has a BHS certification from the UK and is competing her young Dutch bred gelding, Shtratego at 3rd level. She is very successful in making positive changes in riders and horses. Many of the eventing competitors shave their scores by doing a dressage tune up with Carlie.  She also has extensive experience developing young horses for dressage.  Her clear, concise and empathetic aids help horses learn without fear.  Carlie coaches at many local PVDA/FADS dressage shows with her students as well as competing client horses in training.


Andy Armstrong- Full Time Eventing Instructor/Trainer (and Max)

Andy is originally from Ohio and joined the team in 2016. She is a USEA Certified Instructor and has a B.S. in Equine Teaching and Training from Lake Erie College.  Her teaching and training experience comes from working with Michael Matz, Danny Warrington, Jeff Taylor, Kristi-Schmitt Burr and more recently Tim Bourke. Her partnership with the imported ISH mare FourFields Marcella is blossoming with goals for the FEI levels. Andy is always up to the challenge on a more difficult horse for training. She also loves teaching kids in our Riding Center.  Amateur adults are happy to be working with a positive, skilled instructor who loves what she does.  Andy coaches a small team at USEA & starter HT as well as training and competing client horses.


Shannon O’Hatnick- Full Time Assistant Instructor/Trainer (and Aria)

Shannon is from Tennessee where she competed at AA H/J shows as a Junior.  She discovered Eventing with Deb Wilson, went on to ride with Buck Davidson, Bernie Traurig, Sinead Halpin and was a working student for Allie Knowles. We met her when she came and bought a Rotwing baby in 2015.  She then took that mare, Sarabi up through Preliminary.  She spent last winter managing horses for Lars Petersen and Melisa Taylor at Legacy Farms in Florida. Her love is Eventing so she joined us in the summer of  2018.  Her new Hanoverian Crossbred mare, West River is going out at Preliminary now.  Shannon is focused on teaching our younger riders and beginners both on horseback and off.  She teaches the unmounted clinics every weekend (which are open to everyone!) and is available to take a small group to Starter HT and jumper shows.


Chris Knuth-part time Instructor/Trainer

Chris grew up in Montgomery County, and has a BA in Equine Studies & Business Management from Averett College, Danville, VA.  Having competed up to Preliminary level before having a family, she now catch rides as much as possible.  They live nearby  in Poolesville (her husband, Jesse and sons, Jaden and Gavin.)  She is also Montgomery County Police Officer and teaches at the Academy.  They keep her so busy we only get her on a part time basis!  Her students love her thoughtful, systematic approach.  Chris has a flexible schedule so everyone takes advantage when she’s available.


Dick & Julie Hagen- Owners

After many years Eventing as well as breeding, we are excited to support the wonderful staff at Bascule .  Julie is focusing her time starting the homebred youngsters and training the students in our Resident Student program. Dick is focusing on the health of Foxchasing as a MFH of Potomac and still teaches.