Our Pony Club Instructors are Carlie, Julie, Andy and Shannon.  We have a blast teaching pony clubbers all about the wonders of horses, riding and training! Click here to meet our training team!

All PC Riding Center members have weekly mounted group lessons. These lessons are $40 per lesson (for those on their own or leased horses) and $50 on a Riding Center lesson horse. These fees are 20-25% off regular non Riding Center Member rates.

We also host weekly Un-mounted Lessons on Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm. These are $10 per member and are great ways to learn so much about health care, equipment, rallies, training, bandaging, lungeing etc.

2018 Application for Center Membership/


2018 MEMBERSHIP FEES: (we do have to have this in 3 separate checks)

National Dues for NEW Members $155 (made out to United States Pony Clubs, Inc) Renewals $145.
Regional Dues $25. (Made out to Capital Region Pony Clubs)
Riding Center Dues $50 (Made out to Bascule Farm LLC)

To join our Pony Club Riding Center, please print out the membership form and drop it off in the office at the farm. You may also mail it to:

Bascule Farm
PC Riding Center
20800 Whites Ferry Road,
Poolesville, MD 20837